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Perfect Substance


After earlier works with light as the main focus, Perfect Substance is shifting it into time. 
It might be impossible to grasp what time is and what it does, but clear is that it has intrigued humans for centuries. Natural science and philosophy as well as mythology and alchemy has articulated proposals regarding time and come up with different results. It seems that we need to create narratives in life to keep our consciousness together. To do this, we need time. But there is also a strive to escape time, into eternity. One particular element is said to be the key to eternal life (time), according to the alchemists. Today their theory is not considered as accurate. But still, there are connections between time and the elements. The concept of Deep Time, which refers to Earth’s geological timeline or age, is maybe the closest we get to eternity.  

Perfects Substans combines citations from a wide range of voices together with the artist’s texts in a handmade book object of 44 pages. 

Perfect Substance is Zimmerman’s bachelor's degree project, presented at Konstfack's Spring Exhibition 2020 at

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